On The Steps




Tracks 1-3 Recorded at The Cortez Summer Palace/Winter Stronghold adjacent to 8 Mile Rd in Ferndale, MI by Turtle Jon July 7th-9th 2006 with a different line up each session. Though unreleased the project that by September would be known as DUENDE! and it's title "On The Steps Of The Summer Palace" began to circulate amongst friends with this track listing:

1. Last Time
2. Feelin' Don't Feel Right
3. Code Duello *
4. Runnin'
5. Sidetracked *
6. Surrendre' *
7. On The Steps


"A certain uncertainty" quipped guitarist L.T. Sanders of what he brought to the sonic swell of Duende, a rootsy, psychedelic rock band brandishing a layered, driving Americana rock sound that shakes hips as much as twists minds.

A "diverse cast" fatefully formed on a summer-solstice jam with "each member involved a leader of their own project," making Duende an amalgamation of long-time musicians (with the exception of intensely dedicated novice drummer Laura Willem) lead by guitarist Jeffery "Odidlee" Scott, veteran musical hep cat and writer who had numerous songs with which he assembled his allies to experiment. "It's more us responding to each other than trying to have 'a sound,'" Odidlee said. "It's discordance rooted in Americana."

"Like Wilco took some DMT," said Sanders (also of Bored Housewives). The current line-up also includes Jorge Krautner (of the Brothers Cortez) who brings "dynamic flash and fireworks" and Jayson Worden (of Red China and Raccoon) who brings "raw dissonance."

More a collective or loose family of many other musicians including Ryan Milligen (of The Hotwalls), the name means the moment one chooses between the light and the dark "and sometimes stays in-between," Jeff explained, with a sound recalling the disorienting beauty of the Velvet Underground, the shuffle of Chuck Berry and the alluring insanity of Captain Beefheart.

Odidlee is also the founder of LocoGnosis records, which will look forward to a slew of releases later this year, including perhaps an autumn debut of Duende material.

The meaning of Duende, Odidlee said, "implies the surrender necessary to live the ecstasy in performance of music." - JEFF MILO FOR REAL DETROIT WEEKLY 2/28/07


Tracks 4, 6 and 14 were originally released as "DUENDE!" with a limited run of 300 CD's on Loco Gnosis November 3rd 2007 with this track listing:

1. Dance Party
2. The Line
3. Code Duello
4. Feelin' Don't Feel Right *
5. What You Came To Know
6. Last Time *
7. Bangpo
8. Sidetracked
9. Long Ear


"No matter how you cut 'em, this slightly psychedelic, boot-stomp, hip-shake, Pabst slammer band bleeds Detroit. When I think of DUENDE!, I think of a Tarantino soundtrack for a film he hasn't yet made. Dark at times but with a groovy garage savvy." - TRAVIS WRIGHT FOR REAL DETROIT WEEKLY 3/28-4/3/07


Tracks 5, 7, 8 and 12 were originally included with "On The Steps...", a compilation of demos and live tracks with a limited run of 100 CD's on Loco Gnosis November 1st 2008 with this track listing:

1. Hey Cowboy *
2. Burnt *
3. Bangpo (live) *
4. Last Time
5. Feelin' Don't Feel Right
6. Code Duello
7. Runnin'
8. Sidtracked
9. Surrendre'
10. On The Steps...
11. Burnt (live)
12. The Line (live) *
13. Nain Rouge
14. Titten Party

The live songs were recorded at Paycheck's in Hamtramck, MI on 3/07/08

Runnin' w/Carjack. was recorded at Woodward Avenue Brewery


"Partly B-sides, partly retrospective, Steps is also a "stacked" re-release of local literate-goth-rock, Duende's '07 debut, complete with new material. It's a percolation of Bo Diddley's rhythm, Chuck Berry's swagger, Hendrix's astronomic devastations and the grit of the Stones, all refracted through beat trips through the desert's grainy romance and back through to Detroit's grimy melancholic inspiration. Think White Light/White Heat recorded in the '50s at Sun Studios with plenty of bud, Zen and R.L. Burnside hovering near the boards.” **** (four stars) - JEFF MILO FOR REAL DETROIT WEEKLY November 4, 2008



released November 3, 2007



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